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'Curtis and Mahoney give utterly enthralling performances that draw us in for a rivetingly bitter exchange."

Pete Lawler for The American magazine


'Gabrielle Curtis is a talented woman....she and Mills listen to each other attentively and create real theatrical chemistry'

Susan Elkin for Sardines Magazine

'Curtis and Mills, deliver scalpel sharp dialogue with contrapuntally perfect comic timing, bringing the intense chemistry between the two characters very quickly to a rolling riveting boil.'

Pete Lawler for The American Londoner.

'Gabrielle Curtis put in a number of phenomenal performances and stole the show.'

Dominic Stevenson for The Northern Powerhouse.

'Hilarious....the cast were very good throughout'

Carolin Kopplin for West End Wilma

savage in limbo

'Curtis bursts in with a gritty energy that toes the line between bravado and vulnerability perfectly. She has moments of sparkle and invigorates the room when facing off against Kennedy'

Linda Haller for Broadway Baby

'The wonderfully feisty Linda Rotunda, played by Gabrielle Curtis'

Derek Smith for The Stage

'Curtis is enthralling in her ability to engender pity, derived from her broken confusion....'

Pete Lawler for The Hackney Hive

'Curtis, perfectly swinging her hips, strutting across the space as Rotunda.'

                   Will Pond for What Culture

'Curtis and Belissimo are spot on as the slut and the slimeball.'

Views from the Gods






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as you like it

'However it was in Scene II, with the arrival on stage of Rosalind and Celia that the emotional and intellectual content became equally apparent, drawing this reviewer fully into the narrative. Rosalind and Celia were each imbued with a spirit of liveliness and playfulness by the respective actors, both of whom spoke Shakespeare's words as naturally as modern-day English' 

Mary Tynan for Frost Magazine


'DEMON is beautifully told, shot and portrayed by talented actors Andrew Mullan, Clare Langford and Gabrielle Curtis.'

Jay Kay for Horror Happens Radio Show, New York.

'An abundance of talented, young actors'

Thomas M. Sipos, The Hollywood Investigator



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